Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hair Update

Reflecting on the past several months, I remember that losing my hair seemed like the biggest ordeal to me at the time (probably even more so than losing a breast!). As you know, I have been wearing my wig and parading a series of hats and scarves which I have sourced from across the world (which I have to admit was oodles of fun to find)....... The news is that it is taking its time but I went out for the first time without my wig on the wk end! (10 weeks post treatment)

The feeling of the breeze blowing through my hair for the first time was amazing! I still look back at photos of me with my blonde curls and do feel a sense of loss, however, I am now quite excited about having a new pixie haircut..... I'm so keen to visit my hairdresser for the first time, who I haven't seen for a year now, and I think I'm only a few weeks away from that all important visit.

My eyelashes grew back about 5 weeks post radiation and it has been lovely having them back! I've been indulging in monthly facials to help my skin to feel rejuvenated and that too has felt amazing.......

I read for many people that their hair grows back really quickly..... I have to say that I haven't experienced that. I have been waiting for the 'take off' but it seems to be growing at a very slow and steady pace to me; that said I have very fine and curly hair, so while it is thick, I am not noticing it growing quickly..... I have joked many times about the fact that the grass is growing far quicker than my hair!!! I have been tempted to throw some fertiliser on my head and stand out in the rain as it certainly helps the grass!

Instead I have been having daily head rubs to stimulate the follicles which my lovely husband in waiting has been spoiling me with (hint hint girls....... this really works) and I'm sure it has been growing faster as a result!

So while it's great to be back to having a great head of hair (almost), I have found it slower than I would have liked.... that said, I will admit to being a fairly impatient person.

So quality of life has returned for me and not a day goes by, where I don't feel extremely lucky to be alive, to be feeling well and to appreciate every little moment that I have each day. I feel lucky that I no longer take simple things for granted and I am so grateful for all of the beautiful friends and family I have in my life.......while it took this massive wake up call for me to realise how lucky I am, I feel so happy and excited about life ahead.....and I know that I will now spend my life doing things that make me happy and not waste time doing the things that don't.

On this momentous day; the royal wedding day, I wish everyone a day full of love, happiness, laughter and fulfilment!


  1. Susie, my husband (Dwain) read your post before I did. How about that? So yesterday morning (Saturday) he asked me to come sit beside him. He starting rubbing my head -- told me he was massaging my hair follicles; your suggestion. Hey, I'll take a massage any time I can get it. Thanks for the suggestion. My hair is now growing at a snail's pace, but at least it is growing. My very young hairdresser even Facebooked me a message about how happy she was going to be to see me again. She's been so sweet -- sent me get-well cards. I remember at the end of your chemo you guys experienced some massive flooding and severe weather. Well, guess what? It's the end of my chemo and we were nearly washed away by flooding here in my hometown in north Arkansas. Then came the tornadoes. Strange. Strange. Strange. Keep writing! -Megan-

  2. good on you Suse, we are so proud of you, and keep up the good work Maff!!
    Love from MIL2B

  3. Dear Suse,

    You can say what you like but your hair is growing faster than mine ever will!!

    Good luck Suse, you've earned it!

    Lots of LOVE,

    Johnny BB,


  4. My hair came in quite slowly, too. I had always had thick hair, kind of course, and different textures mixed in. It came back very fine and, of all things, like a squirrel in color. That's the only way I can describe it. I did away with the hats when it was about as long as a Marine's haircut. It was getting warm outside, and one day, I just said, that's it!!!! Off it came, and I never put it on again.

    Eye brows. Mine came in terrible. They are wild and go every which way. I only lost a few eyelashes, so I didn't notice that too much.

    It is amazing how important hair can be --- you don't realize it until it's gone. I don't know what was more of a defining moment --- the cancer or the losing of the hair. The hair loss made it so real for me. It was like my life going down the drain ---- literally!!!!!